Human Action Recognition

After starting my studies as a graduate student I explored different aspects of computer vision. Among possible tracks I chose to start working on video analysis and specifically human action recognition. Vision-based human action recognition is defined as the process of labeling image sequences with human action labels. In other words, it is the capability of automatically analyzing [...]

The Path Finder (Algorithm Playground)

The Path Finder is one the projects which has served me as a great learning experience through out my academic studies. It started as a small project designed for my AI undergraduate course back in 2008. It is basically an implementation of the traveler salesman problem. The first version was using different AI algorithms for solving [...]

Hoax Photo Detector


This was my first experience in field of image processing, computer vision and machine learning. In this collaborative project, I had the chance to work with my college friends on an application which analyzes a photo and detects points which could have been manipulated in image in order to make a hoax. My contribution in this [...]