Online Movie Store


After finishing up on my Movie Collection Manager application, I started to work on an experimental shopping website. I used the structure of my database designed for the Movie Collection Manager software and started to design an online store with purpose of selling movies. The project started with a basic template for shopping websites on which I added a [...]

Movie Collection Manager


This project was the outcome of my interest in art and specifically photography and cinema combined with my passion to start a software development project back in 2011. This was basically a collection management software designed for movies. First I designed a database for movie information and then worked on retrieving information from online sources. All [...]

Graphic Design Projects

I have worked on lots of graphic design projects from 2005 when I got familiar with Adobe Photoshop. My passion for graphic design and media resulted in lots of works in this domain. I have some of these works listed here. Poster designs Video Infography (My project for data visualization class) App design User interface [...]